General assembly Lisbon 2017 report



LISBON September 2017

Attending coordinators : Gilles Boulan (French), Lilach Dekel (Hebrew), Gergana Dimitrova (Bulgarian), Dominique Dolmieu (general coordination), Amin Elsaleh (Arabic), Andreas Flourakis (Greek), Sarah Grochala (English), Maria Joao Vicente (Portuguese), Tiana Krivokapic (BCMSerbian), Anna Lengyel (Hungarian), Jeton Neziraj (Albanian), Frédéric Sicamois (Italian), Hakan Silahsizoglu (Turkish), Ulrike Syha (German).

Other attending members : Wolfgang Barth, Henning Bochert, Nicole Desjardins, Nohar Lazarovitch, Nuno M. Cardoso, Carolina Mano, Alexandra Moreira Da Silva, Veselana X.

Absents : Iva Brdar (BCMSerbian), David Campora (Catalan), Ivan Dodovski (Macedonian), Sedef Ecer (Turkish), Laure Hinckel (Rumanian), Bleuenn Isambard (Russian), Kim Komljanec (Slovenian), Katrin Hrusanova (Bulgarian), Neda Nejdana (Ukrainian), Frosa Pejoska (Macedonian), Nikolay Rudkovski (Belarussian), Zohar Wexler (Hebrew).


22 members from 13 committees are present in this GA.

Maria gives a few welcoming words and introduce the programm to the participants.

(summary of the programm)

The GA a strong and moved thought about Fadwa Suleimane, a Syrian member of the Arabic committee, a friend of MEO, a very famous actress and activist of the revolution, who recently died in Paris at the age of 42.

The press conference is finaly reduced to an interview of Maria and Dominique, about all journalists being very busy with the running election in Portugal.


338 texts in translation have circulated for the last session. 14 committees have been able to delivery a selection.

The selections are shortly described for Albanian, BCMSerbian, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese and Turkish. Dominique doesn’t know where is the solution to avoid a too long session like it was lastly in Istanbul, but regrets the synopsis of the selected texts couldn’t be more shared between Eurodram members and Portuguese members. Congratulations to Stéphane who collected them – we’ll need them anyhow for the new website.

The BCMSerbian and English committees invited the translators of the short-listed plays to join, what is an excellent initiative, and should be extended to all committees.

The German committee kept the criteria of unstaged and unpublished texts for the selection, what was also adopted by the BCMS and Hebew committees. At the opposite the French committee accepts only plays that have been recommended by one of the committee member or by another French-speaking committee (out of Eurodram).

It is reminded that it is necessary to have the authorization of the playwright and the translator to submit the play. When possible, it is also good to ask them to give basic information (summary,..) at this step of the process. They can also be asked, depending the situation of each committee, to give their autorisation for a public reading if they are selected.

Dominique asks why some plays have been translated in Turkish from their English translation and not from the original. Hakan answers that was because there was no other choice, as there were no translators able to do the job. Ulrike mentions she had similar problems for German, but the concerned texts have been taken off from the selection process.

English and BCMSerbian committees also used anonymous readings (not mentionning the name of the playwright). This is very good, but it makes the resources sharing (benefit of readings made in another frame) quite difficult… If some members previously read plays out of the committee, and if the submission is anonymous in the committee, the member can’t use his/her previous readings for the committee.

Dominique asks all coordinators to send him (again) the stats of texts origins (how many plays from which languages they have received).


(Below between parenthesis the achievements of the duties & goals : recent renewal of the committee, translation of the rules, translation of the committee webpage, participation to Creative Europe application, spreading of the call for texts an readers, number of texts collected, running of a festival, running of a blog, presence to the GA, delivery of a selection, promotion of the selections, number of members. The average achievment is 60%.)

The networks now counts on 274 members organised in 23 committees.

العَرَبيّة / Arabic – Amin Elsaleh

Amin tells about the Arabic selection, but Dominique says the selection is not agreed as only a single play has been submitted, and as it arrives much too lately. Amin reminds it is not so easy to work without money for so may Arabic country, and says he is going to focus especially on Egypt this coming session. He has tried to forward a few Arabic plays translated into other languages, but it has appeared some of them have been translated via Google translate, what of course can’t be acceptable, and that the others never reached the coordinator of the concerned languages.

Dominique says that strong efforts must be done to make the Arabic committee working in a better way. Other board members agrees, confirm that all committees are working with the same conditions, that no texts can’t be received if the call is not sent to Arabic medias and professionnals organizations, and that no funds can be raised if no application nor contact are done.

Dominique reminds that the double coordinations work in a good way and that it is now absolutely necessary for the Arabic committee. Gilles proposes to accompany Amin before this happens, and Lilach proposes to look for new members in the Arabic community in Israel, among which a second coordinator could be found.

Amin says he will try to organize an event in the Alexandria library in 2018, with the help of Maria for the contact.

Белорусский / Belarussian – Nikolay Rudkovski

Dominique says that Nikolay announced that Alexander Marchanka will come to Lisbon, but unfortunately there has not been any more news. Dominique says he discovered indeed that Alexander went to Avignon festival but didn’t contact anyone previously, what is a pity as Dominique was also at the festival and that they could have met. Hakan will try to find new members.

BHCSrpski / Српски / BCMSerbian – Iva Brdar & Tiana Krivokapic

Tiana says that considering the present political situation, about only amateur theatre can be contacted in Serbia at the present time, and that she has a good contact with a theatre where an event could be organized. Dominique says a connexion could be tried with the BITEF teatar in Belgrade but Jeton says the director has changed and that it is not worth it anymore. Tiana is also developing the committee in Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro. Different works are now on the run, and she could find a book of 3 portuguese plays translated in BCMSerbian. The Serbian ministry of Culture has supported her travel to Lisbon.

български / Bulgarian – Gergana Dimitrova & Katrin Hrusanova

Gergana says the activity was a bit lower this year but it shouldn’t last. Unfortunately quite a few texts were submitted this year. Gergana is now focusing on fundraising for next session and to organise a meet