About us

Eurodram is a European network for drama in translation, comprising about 300 members organized as about 30 committees. Its main objective is to promote new drama in translation from Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean, making it available both to theatre professionals and audiences in the region, in a spirit of independence, equity and linguistic diversity.

Eurodram operates on a biennial schedule. In even-numbered years, each committee selects three original plays written in the committee’s own language, and recommends them for translation into other European languages. In odd-numbered years, committees select three plays from works translated into the committee’s language, with the goal of having them published and/or staged.

The Eurodram network was founded in 2001 by the Maison d’Europe et d’Orient (House of Europe and the Orient), directed by Céline Barcq and Dominique Dolmieu, and was initially dedicated to translations from Eastern European languages into French. Since 2011, it has extended to Western Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean, and has become multilateral (from all languages to all languages).

The 2023/2024 Eurodram Cabinet has been elected as:

President : Gergana Dimitrova ;
Vice-Presidents : Johanna Leira and  Neda Nejdana;
Secretary : Dominique Dolmieu ;
Treasurer : none.

Other members of the Administrative Council :

Wolfgang Barth ;
Blažena Radas.

Previous presidents of the Eurodram NGO :

2023 : Gergana Dimitrova

2022 : David Ferré
2021 : Gilles Boulan
2019 : Gergana Dimitrova
2018 : Dominique Dolmieu

Eurodram logo was designed by Maurice Chesneau.
(c) photos 36 Monkeys, Maison d’Europe et d’Orient, Teatro da Garagem, Qendra Multimedia… (to complete).